ПшеничныйГDear friends,

For the past twenty-two years our school has been preparing young men and women for various areas of church ministry. Our strategy is to strengthen the ministry of the local churches, which were given the Great Commission to make disciples throughout all nations, teaching them to observe His commandments (Matt. 28:19-20). We see our role in fulfilling this global strategy through close partnership with local evangelical churches, assisting them in raising godly servants of Christ, able to teach others (2 Tim. 2:2). The impact our school has had on the evangelical community over the 23 years of its existence is reflected in our numerous graduates, serving Christ locally and internationally.


The present website has been created to extend this impact to the Internet community. The website is still undergoing some fine-tuning. Still, you might find many useful resources available for your use. Most of them are in Russian but we are working hard to make them available to the English-speaking users as well.

We would be delighted to receive feedback from you! You may contact us in English by proceeding to the following page (ссылка) and filling out the online form.


Gennady I. Pshenichny, Ph.D

Kubanskii Evangelskii Hristianskii Universitet
Ulitsa Rossiyskaya, 133/7
Krasnodar, Russia 350016
Phone: +7 (861) 274-21-93 ext. 212

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